Do you charge to estimate my custom project?

No. Our shop-at-home services allow our designers to meet with you to fully understand your goals and to give a ball park estimate for the custom products you are interested in purchasing. When you complete the selection process, a firm estimate will be supplied.

Do you have a shop at home service?

Yes. At the time you schedule an appointment with our company, our designers prepare by asking you about your design goals. By better understanding your ideas, we can bring the appropriate home décor samples to your home.

How can an interior designer help with my home project?

New York Textiles & Interiors offers full service design. Our goal is to inspire you with a wide variety of interior décor products that meet your needs and budget. Our professional designers can be the sounding board for your ideas and help you avoid costly design mistakes.

What happens during the design process?

During our initial appointment, our designers exchange ideas with you about drapery style, textiles selection and hardware options. Our shop at home service enables you to imagine the window treatment of your dreams. For increased textiles options, a studio appointment is recommended.

What is the delivery time of custom products?

The delivery schedule varies on drapes and upholstery but a general rule of thumb is 6-8 weeks after the selection process is completed.

What is the difference between a ready made drape and custom?

Custom draperies are designed and fabricated for your window. You select the textile, style of drape, lining and trims. Then the window treatment is fabricated to your design and specifically for your window. Ready made products offer less options and are not fabricated to fit your window specifically.

Why are custom draperies so expensive?

Custom draperies finish the look of your home décor and are specially designed to fit your window and furnishings. There are many design elements that comprise a window treatment. The pricing of a custom drapery is determined by your selection of style and textiles. Our designers can help you establish a budget for your project and design window treatments to meet your needs.